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  • Single Row Tapered Roller BearingSingle row tapered roller bearing is suitable for conditions with radial load and axial load and its synthetic load, and comes with large load capacity. If the contact angle is bigger, the product has the larger axial load capacity. Generally, two sets of bearings are used in pairs. Meanwhile, our product is divided into metric series and inch series ...
  • Double Row Tapered Roller BearingThe outer ring or inner ring of double row tapered roller bearing is a whole. The two inner rings or outer rings have similar small end face and own a space ring between them. The clearance and external surplus can both be adjusted by the thickness of the space ring.
    Double row tapered roller bearing has various structures which 35000 type of product has the maximum ...
  • Four Row Tapered Roller BearingFour row tapered roller bearing is successfully used in the bearings of the rolling mills with a low to medium rolling speed around the world. The bearing can not only bear radial load, but also bear the axial load appeared in the applications due to its design, and the bearing generally does not need additional thrust bearing. This means that the roll neck can be relatively short, and the roll bearing seat on both sides ...
  • Inch Tapered Roller BearingInch tapered roller bearing comes from the British and American country. Its dimensions are measured in inches. Its structure, assembly size precision and rotating precision are different from the metric bearing. The product is mainly used for the imports of machinery or industry with special needs. Its structure type consists of single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearing.

Tapered roller bearings consist of inner ring, roller, cage and outer ring which can all be installed and separated respectively. The product can withstand heavy radial and axial load, and it can be divided into single row tapered roller bearing, double row tapered roller bearing and four row tapered roller bearing according to the row number of roller. The types of bearings produced by our company are as follows:

1. 302 series: 30202 to 30256
2. 303 series: 30302 to 30352
3. 313 series: 31305 to 31336
4. 322 series: 32204 to 32260
5. 323 series: 32303 to 32340
6. 306 series: 30613 to 30636
7. 320 series: 32005 to 32072
8. 329 series: 32905 to 32972
9. 330 series: 33005 to 33030
10. 332 series: 33205 to 33222
11. 331 series: 33108 to 33124

Our product is widely used in the industries of car, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy and plastics machinery industry. Meanwhile, we can provide picture, technical parameter, material, packaging and other related information for customers.

XRT Bearing is a professional tapered roller bearings manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a broad range of products including angular contact ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, wheel bearing, and more.

Other Products
  • Single Row Angular Contact Ball BearingSingle row angular contact ball bearing can only withstand one direction of the axial load. The rolling body load line and radial load line is not in the same radial plane generating an internal axial force, so the product must be installed in pairs. Its structure can be divided into separation type, non-separation type and paired configuration.
  • Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDouble row angular contact ball bearing can withstand the combined load of mainly radial and axial load and torque load. It is mainly used in the shaft and shell component which restricts the bidirectional axial displacement. Our product has limited tilt between the inner ring and outer ring. The range of tilt angle depends on the bearing internal clearance, the bearing size, internal design and the forces ...